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“THEY ARE ALL OUR SONS…Principles to Ignite Our Boys

In June of 2017, TAP Founder, Brad Zervas, published what many are now referring to as a landmark chronicle and call for justice and the restoration of our families. Available on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobles, here’s what some of his literary endorsers are saying:

“I read this book through my professional lens i.e. as the architect of the largest mentoring program for black males in London – I wish I could turn back time. This timely and deeply moving intervention chronicles the journey of a man who has weaved his way between New York and new hope. Zervas has written a manual for martyrs for greater love hath no man…”
Ray Lewis, Chief Executive, Eastside Young Leaders Academy & senior advisor to the mayor of London

“Zervas’ work sills from his heart and soul in written form in his tremendous They Are All Our Sons. His honesty in recounting both his successes and failures in a life serving others has genuine nobility, reflected by the power and urgency of his storytelling. Brad Zervas is a warrior, and his voice is that of a vital pioneer and leader in a journey to heal the wounds of so many.”
Dr. Steven Middleton, Director of Leadership, Kings School, Sidney Australia

Brad Zervas has been unwavering in his commitment to young people. His words and actions speak boldly about helping and caring for young men and women to build a better world. Our society needs his voice.”
Bradford Gioia, Headmaster, Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville, Tennessee

“They Are All Our Sons is a must read for educators, whether in New York or Johannesburg. Brad Zervas paints a vivid and poignant picture of the decades he spent working with underserved youth. I was one of the hundreds of young men whom he so selflessly served and molded into men of purpose. Thanks to Brad’s support and guidance a world of opportunities was opened for me and for so many others – now productive, socially aware and responsible men and citizens of the world.”
Malick Fall, Executive Director, Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York

“Brad Zervas inspires us all to believe that we can make a difference for our collective sons. He has dedicated his life to be there in the storm with young men who need to know that they are not alone. He shares powerful and at times tragic stories that model the need for boys at risk to tell their story, feel their pain and begin to heal. With his help, we can create hope for a brighter future.”
Chris Maxey, Headmaster and Founder, Cape Eleuthera Institute & Island School