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The Power of Story and Song:

Much has been written about the imagination of boys and about their seemingly intrinsic ability to create the fantastic-worlds apart from what is known, a parade of heroes and villains, episodes steeped in courage and cruelty, failure and redemption. These qualities manifest themselves at a very early age and when allowed to unfold without inhibition, they detail high drama and the struggle between good and evil. Sadly, boys today are rarely permitted to express themselves freely. They are forcibly detached from their own personal and organic narratives and the drive to quantify and measure a child's classroom experience has all but eliminated the free-space that a good story requires before it can evolve and exist to then ultimately transform and clarify a boy's perception of the world.

The Ascension Project recognizes the importance of a good story-its mechanics and its telling. A good story and a good story-teller can evoke the full-range of human emotions and while all children can benefit from this kind of engagement, boys in particular demonstrate at an early age a genuine eagerness to invent and create characters that face the gravest of decisions while trying to save the world. Elementary school age boys and adolescents who are encouraged to write their own stories and who are exposed to the stories of others, are much more likely to emerge as young men who are able to recognize injustice and appreciate deeper, richer, and more nuanced literary themes that can help to foster a more informed world-view. Many of these same adages can be applied to the power of song and song-writing.

As The Ascension Project continues to evolve, a specific focus on "the power of story and song" will occupy its own platform presenting examples of song-writing and story-telling that have helped to liberate and engage boys in their successful transformation to young adulthood.