The Ascension ProjectThe Ascension Project


For some boys, growing up can be a tough journey. Fortunately, many people-educators, parents, youth advocates, community leaders and young adults who've “been there”— are ready to help, steadying the ladder as boys mature into young men. Like each boy’s life, The Ascension Project is a dynamic work-inprogress, evolving quickly and shaped and re-shaped by peers and professionals who make it a personal mission to guide and inspire youth.

By intention, the site is not empirically driven. It won't feature statistics-filled reports or academic theories on boys' development. Rather, our focus is personal and collaborative: to share first-hand accounts of what has worked (and what hasn't) in our quest to improve the lives of our boys.

Our mission is to create a community to
  • share our narratives
  • celebrate success
  • learn from each other

We encourage you to be part of The Ascension Project.