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A Message to Our Brothers...What They're Saying.

“During my forty-five year commitment to Big Brothers/Big Sisters and fifteen years running a school for boys, I have never heard a more authentic or compelling appeal to heal the lives of urban boys than Brad Zervas’ “A Message to Our Brothers”. My hope is that its message is shouted from the rooftops and heard by every man and boy.” Joe Cox, Retired Head of Haverford School, Haverford, Pennsylvania

“Brad Zervas’ career and passion have focused on supporting urban boys of color. “A Message to Our Brothers” is a powerful message for young people, families and educators told with the most credible of voices.” Bradford Reed, Associate Head of School, The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida

“A Message to Our Brothers” is a thought-provoking, timely and impactful intervention reaching powerfully into the lives of activists, victims and the vulnerable. Brad Zervas and his team make us all sit up and take notice through word and deed.” Ray Lewis, Executive Director, Eastside Young Leaders Academy, London, England

“Through the use of his own compelling music and lyrics, Brad Zervas, Executive Director of Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York, creates an atmosphere in “A Message to Our Brothers” that encourages a group of young at risk high school girls to open their hearts and express their fears concerning their future…and the future of their male counterparts and brothers who, on a day-to-day basis, face deep-seeded problems stemming from fatherless households, and life on the streets of New York City.” Dennis H. Powers, Trustee, The Boys’ Club of New York, Documentary Film Director/Producer.

“Young woman suffer when they don’t have strong responsible men to love as fathers or potential partners in marriage. The voices of young women have the power to wake up our boys and young men and they need to hear about the pain that our girls and young women feel when our young men don’t realize their potential. There’s not been a documentary yet that addresses this issue. This is it! David Banks, President, Eagle Academy Foundation, New York, NY

“Inspirational leadership is emerging in the plight of many of our urban youth so distinctly disadvantaged by their circumstances. “A Message to Our Brothers” makes a profound case for investing resources into the lives of these young people by supporting leaders who have the skills and understanding to make a difference. Watching this film will motivate and encourage you and communities will benefit immensely.” Jonathan Hensman, Headmaster, Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane, Australian

“After spending a lifetime of service caring for and developing young men of color, Brad Zervas lends his voice in this documentary film, “A Message to Our Brothers” to encourage others to use their heads and hearts to raise these young boys to be better men. Brad’s vision resonates around the world to all of these communities of young men and to all of us…compelling us to find the time, resource, and spirit of collaboration to serve these young men and to build a better and greater society. Bradford Gioia, Headmaster, Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville, Tennessee

“A Message to Our Brothers” provides a powerful message and can be an effective tool to generate dialogue about the plight of young men of color across the world. The film’s approach is jarring yet uplifting and draws upon the most important voices affected by this crisis…young women of color. Credit to Brad Zervas for his vision and courage in tackling this topic with such a creative approach.” Rich Souto, Chief Operating Officer, Harlem RBI and Dream Charter School, New York, NY

“A Message to Our Brothers is a powerful statement that gives voice to a truth we intuitively know-that effective role models are crucial in the lives of boys. Viewing the situation through the eyes of teenage girls gives a clear, unambiguous, persuasive message not just to teenage boys, but to all of us.” Tony Little, Head Master, Eton College, Windsor, England

Brad Zervas
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